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Credit Help at Brother's Auto Sales in Lexington, KY

Want or need to buy a vehicle, but have bad credit? Then don't worry any further!

Brother's Auto Sales has your back.


BAD CREDIT? Brother's Auto Sales CAN HELP!

WE have many financial institutions and lenders available for all of our customers. Before you submit your credit application, follow these Easy Steps to help aid you in this process:


1.  FIRST, AND FOREMOST, DON'T ASSUME THE WORST.  Don't take someone's word that your credit is bad and keep in mind what John Van Alst, Staff Attorney for the National Consumer Law Center said, “Even if your score is tarnished, you may have a better chance than someone with the same score and no (credit) history.” Remember This: You're NOT alone, some estimates show that a QUARTER of American adults have poor credit. Yet they manage to get auto loans EVERYDAY and you, too, can do it here at Brother's Auto Sales in Lexington, KY!


2.  SET YOUR EXPECTATIONS AT A PRACTICAL LEVEL. If your credit score generally falls below 620, you're considered to be a “Sub-prime” borrower, which means you won't qualify for the most attractive loan offers. So you need to become realistic about the vehicle you are looking for. Think practical! You'll still stand a better chance of getting a car loan. However, BE PREPARED to have to accept a HIGH interest rate and to have to put down a large down payment. You also may need to have a co-signer to help with obtaining the auto loan.


3.      CHECK YOUR CREDIT YOURSELF BEFORE SHOPPING AROUND & KNOW YOUR CREDIT SCORE. You can obtain a copy of your credit reports from the three (3) largest credit bureaus in the United States: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. The ONLY website providing a free annual credit report is run jointly by Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion at: Annual Credit Report (This website is THE ONLY source for your free credit reports and is Authorized by Federal Law.) Be wary of the MANY websites that advertise free credit reports. MANY consumers get tricked into paying for reports and services they don't really need. NOTE: When you receive your report, check for mistakes in your name, social security number, former addresses, accounts you didn't open, errors in your history, and information that's more than seven (7) years old. Now, you need to obtain your credit score. Do so, by purchasing your “FICO” credit score (named for the Credit-Software firm originally called Fair, Isaac, & Co.) Note that FICO scores normally come with your credit report, BUT Federal Law doesn't require credit bureaus to give you them for free. They can be purchased at Equifax or MyFico Under Federal Law, they MUST EACH give you a FREE copy of their reports EVERY twelve (12) months. FICO scores run from 300-850. People with high scores pay much lower interest rates than those with lower ones.


4.      START CLOSE TO HOME BEFORE SHOPPING AROUND FOR LENDERS.  So, you've spotted the vehicle that's perfect for your budget, then do your homework before going to the showroom. Know what's available to you, and if possible, secure your financing beforehand. Apply at a bank where you have a checking account or your credit union, places you already have a relationship with. Banks tend to view current customers with flawed credit more favorably than strangers with the same background. The same usually applies with credit unions and their members as well. Don't forget that you can also check with your employer or insurance company about auto financing. 


5.      SEEK OUT AUTO-FINANCE LENDERS.  Check out sources KNOWN for auto loans rather than lenders known for catering to low-credit clients. Sources can include: Name brand national banks, local and regional banks, and well-known online lenders. If you are unable to do the search or choose to not get your pre-approval beforehand, we can take care of that for you since we have many to choose from and find out what you qualify for (Amount the lender is willing to loan to you and the interest rate that corresponds with your credit score.)


6.      SUBMIT YOUR CREDIT APPLICATION FOR FINANCING.  At Brother's Auto Sales, we will work with you by ensuring all information on the application has current and up-to-date correct information. 


7.      TEST DRIVE.  Once you know what amount you qualify for and how much your budget is, Brother's Auto Sales in Lexington, KY can help you find the “RIGHT” used vehicle for you. You take it for a test drive, come back to the dealership showroom and finish the process.



You'll need to prove employment, income, and residence, and provide whatever information the finance manager requires of you to get your credit application completed.


Once you reach the eighth step you are on the road to financing your “NEW TO YOU” Used vehicle from Brother's Auto Sales in Lexington, KY and YOU will drive away a happy customer! PLEASE make sure you leave a review of your shopping experience with us at ONE or ALL of these Review Sites: Google Places, Yahoo! Local, BBB,, and on our Facebook page. Don't forget to Follow us on Twitter @BrosAutoSales!!!